Your Choice

Dear Freedom Fighters,

We can go viral with this and earn the income we need to be able to support actions of our choice.

We simply create our domain names following this naming pattern: OurName4Freedom .ws

(for We Sovereign) Yours being YOURNAME4Freedom. <Username &4Freedom .ws domain name.

We ALL sign our posts in online media from now on using our OurName4Freedom.ws domain name

which automatically goes to the sales sites this company Pays US monthly commissions when

accounts are created.

We can easily afford the mere $10 a month this costs, IT PAYS.

By our each referring just five other people we can be earning $ a month.

Once you have yours, like I have mine:

www .BillFord4Freedom .ws

You SIGN your posts with Yours. (You get PAID when your people sign up and open a BASIC account.)

www.YourName4Freedom .ws

Yours, www.billford4freedom.ws

On Going Viral:
1. Go to billford4freedom and click on sign up now link

2.Sign Up, create YourName4Freedom as your username. Example if your name is Frank Smith your

username you create is FrankSmith4Freedom. (Same for .WS domain name later in the form)

3. Complete the sign-up form and establish a BASIC account for $10 month-to-month.

4.From then on simply SIGN your online social media posts & shares with YOUR new domain name

www . YourName4Freedom . ws (no spaces)

As we each do this we are showing us becoming united, serious and strong as we prepare to

Restore Our Republic. We will each raise funds receiving monthly commissions for those whom

we encourage to go through our domain names who open an account.

No matter what facet(s) of the Freedom Movement (R3VOLUTION) we are engaged in we

1.Receive funding, 2. Still show that we are all

United4Freedom and the.ws for us concerns We Sovereign of the Republic for which We STAND.

We can SHOW ourselves totally United4Freedom (someone should OWN that as a .WS domain

name) no matter how we work to Restore Our Republic and its Rule of Law. We can do this by

always (for the most part) signing our comments, posts & shares in aUnitedFashion4Freedom.

I point my OurName4Freedom.WS domain name I OWN. We can ALL OWN domain name we

create ourselves AND OWN and are PAID ongoing monthly commissions on active accounts we

refer to this company. Signing... Yours, www.yourname4Freedom.ws



We Stand! We Sign our comments, posts and shares!