Concerned Citizen

Everyone lives within their own version of reality.

I love my country and am concerned about where America is headed.

I have decided to promote the idea of to create a unified format to promote, support and show solidarity for our slowly disappearing American Republic. 

I use the internet to find what's going on in the USA and the world.  

I realize that main stream media outlets are nothing but propaganda agencies and a lot of internet postings are wild conspiracy theorist so I search for true document-able investigative journalism reports which are very rare these days.

Social media such as Facebook is constantly being manipulated by the money hungry, egotistical Mr. Z and his controllers causing difficulty in finding the truth.

Do to the shear size and far reaching possibilities of the internet I will commence signing all my posts, comments and links with

You should consider signing up for and using your own domain name.

Do you think that if the world starts seeing many internet post and comments on pages, all signed with,that people will realize - there is a real and concerted effort of like minded individuals around.

 I do not buy into all the hype of making enough money to quit my day job - but I have no aversion to getting some extra money to support my activist inclinations. Would you? 

Any questions you can contact me at